Thursday, April 10, 2014

"There is no way to be a perfect mother ... but a million ways to be a good one"

I don’t even know where to begin as it’s been almost a year since my last post. What can I say, we are the parents of an almost 5-year-old who takes up a lot of our time! Sure, blame it on the kid I bet you are saying. She can’t possibly have consumed every minute of your time for the past year? Wanna bet? But honestly, blogging isn't so appealing after working all day followed by dinner, dishes, laundry, play time, bath time, jammy time, not to mention half of what I do professionally now is help create, manage and post for legal blogs. And, I must admit that when I could keep up with this blog regularly it maybe was done 'on the clock' elsewhere ... maybe. I hope to keep up with more frequent post in the coming year, but I've learned not to make any promises at this point. I hate to disappoint.

So Evelyn Rose … Evelyn Rose “Let It Go” Tylec. The Disney movie Frozen is all that and a bag of chips right now. Every little girl dreams of being Queen Elsa (maybe even Anna) and Evelyn is right there with them. She knows all the words to the movie’s main song “Let It Go” and we get to hear it …. 800 times a day. I’m not kidding. Even as I’m typing this Evelyn is splish-splashing in our tub with it blaring on my iPhone while she sings along. I think every parent across the US is also saying "Let It Go" as well but with different meaning behind it!

Evelyn is going to turn 5 in about month! I can’t believe how fast the past year has gone. Evelyn has hit many milestones with the most important being SCHOOL! We have a pre-kindergartener in the house! She has been doing absolutely wonderful. Her teachers, Mill Elliott and Miss McGuire, have nothing but glowing things to say about her. Like many, everyone comments about how sweet she is. She’s been working hard all year on learning to read and write the alphabet. She’s got her name down, although lower case letters aren't quite her thing yet. She picks up on a lot and the two ‘report cards’ we have received thus far have her on target if not ahead of all the skills a 4/5 year old should have at this point. She seems to enjoy school, but we have definitely dealt with our share of the “I don’t want to go to school’ moments. All I can think is ‘we are only at Pre-K!’
Spotlight Student and her 100 Days of School hat

All the holidays in the past year have been better than the ones before them. It’s weird how roller-coaster like this parenting thing is … every Christmas, Halloween, Birthday gets better and better. Before we known something called puberty is going to come knocking and it’s like we’ll decent down the hill into teenage hell…but at least that is a few year’s down the road so for now I’ll just smile knowing that ‘better’ is still coming. And, if I can keep on top of it, I'll at least have these to look back on!

For Halloween this past year Evelyn went as Izzy the pirate, a character from one of her favorite Disney Jr. shows, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We went further and farther with trick-or-treating which is expected as she gets older! We did the yearly traditions of carving pumpkins; special thanks to the punks who smashed them. Jerks! We didn't do the Pumpkin Farm this year and I vow not to miss it again. Ev loves it, we love it. I did take her to a small local one but it just doesn't compare!

Evelyn was clearly a very good girl according to Santa as he showered her with presents like a telescope, puppet theater, big wheel, Barbies, and so on! We are very grateful Evelyn is loved by so many, not just on holidays but all throughout the year. After all the Christmas 'hoopala' was said and done Evelyn told Jay and I "Christmas isn't just about getting presents. It's about giving and family .... and eating yummy food too." I think my heart melted right then and there!

Some other notable things, Evelyn was a flower girl in our very good family friends wedding, Adam and Kerry. She looked … well beautiful. I want to call her cute or adorable but the truth is she looked like a little lady. The entire evening was amazing and Evelyn did a great job laying out the flowers for Miss Kerry to walk before she became Mrs. Dorr.

We took Evelyn to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, which was so much fun. She is at that perfect age for things like this and really enjoys exploring and learning. We visited Niagara Falls during the winter months and saw what was almost a frozen falls! It was pretty stunning but clearly it was COLD! We weren’t out there very long, but it was another fun day of making memories as family.


Sleepovers are becoming a ‘thing’ for us now. Mainly with my sister and her kids either here or there, but soon enough I’m sure her little friends will be showing up with bags and pillows in hand. And she is making quite a few between her Pre-K class and her ‘daycare’ or afterschool class with Miss Mindy.

You know how parents refer to their children as ‘my shy one’ or ‘my feisty one.’ I was recently thinking how I would categorize (for lack of a better word) my Evelyn at this point. She’s incredibly sweet as I mentioned. When she gets excited it’s contagious. She literally just balls up into this firework of smiles and giggles. She enjoys life … simple things like taking a walk entice hugs and ‘I love yous.’ She’s gentle, although I think our cat Lily Monster might disagree. She’s your typical ‘girl’ who loves princesses and baby animals. But, she also giggles and laughs about ‘gross’ stuff as kids do at this age. She does have her ‘diva’ side which we are learning to deal with. She can ‘whine’ with the best of them. Sometimes its best to just walk away and let the tantrum run its course.
Gymnastics every Saturday morning!
There’s so much to look forward to. Another member of the family just made her arrival in mid-March. Evelyn’s Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Jamie welcomed Lily Bella on March 16th. And we are expecting another cousin from Aunt Jenn and Uncle Larry! Austin is going to be a big brother and we are chomping at the bits waiting to find out the gender. THINK PINK!!! There are several other arrivals in 2014 from friends that we are certainly looking forward to as well.
Evelyn 'mustache' you a question...
We are in the midst of planning her 5th birthday party which will take place at the same park we threw her 1st birthday at! We have lots of fun stuff in the works including a live exotic animal show! It’s going to be a great time. I just have to keep myself in check and remind myself this is a party for a 5 year old!!

Easter is right around the corner! One of Evelyn's favorite things to do is dye eggs so I know she'll be excited when the ole' Paas kit comes out! This weekend we are going to an Easter egg hunt in the city. Ev refers to Pinewoods Park (where the hunt will be) as the "Easter Woods." It's so cute! 

Looking forward to a summer of trips to the market, afternoons at Fantasy Island, evenings in the pool and “ghost stories” by the fire at night. Smores, maybe  camping, star gazing with her new telescope, cookouts, bike rides and boat rides. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


This past Monday, May 20th, Evelyn celebrated her 4th birthday!! Jay and I cannot believe we have been parents for four years already. Time truly does fly when you're having fun!

We held a backyard bbq for her party and had the family and friends over for an afternoon of swimming, bouncing and of course, one very awesome rainbow cake! (Great Job Nana!!!) Evelyn had a blast and she got so many great gifts (tons of cute new clothes too!) For her actual birthday (Monday), Mommy and Daddy took her to Dave & Buster's for the first time! (Sidenote: for Mother's Day, we went to dinner at the casino, which not thinking about it, ended with Evelyn in tears b/c she could not 'play the games!'). D&B was perfect for Ev and she had a great time running around, playing tons of games with her Daddy, and winning tickets for prizes! She even landed on a jackpot and scored 1,000 tickets!! She walked away with a giant rainbow slinky and a spiderman that grows in the water! It was really a great weekend overall and we are so lucky to have her in our lives!

Some milestones to point out as our Pumpkin Pie turns 4 - she is currently about 35lbs and is still pretty tall for her age (sorry, I don't know her exact inches); she can somewhat write her own name (so proud!); she is completely potty trained (has been for a while now!); she can pretty much give herself a bath from start to finish (of course Mommy is there supervising!). Favorite color is still purple and she just loves her shows - Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and of course, good ole' Mickey Mouse! Still a super fan of macaroni and cheese; loves 'green' milk (aka - mint flavor) and is pretty good about eating fruit and most vegetables! She is a ball of energy and is always ready to play a game, have a tea party and pretty soon ride her big-girl bike up and down our street! I'd also like to point out that our sweet little Evelyn is getting quite the voice of her own these days...and its not always in the best manners! Daddy and I are working on our patience with her, but man, she can be trying at times (I can hear my Mom and Jay's Mom now - 'Karma!'). I swear her favorite saying is "But Mama!!!" (like nails on a chalkboard after so many times!!)

We are looking forward to summer and continuing her progress with swimming! Of course we'll have afternoon trips to Fantasy Island, the zoo, and playgrounds!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hoppy Easter! How Times Have Changed!

My, my, how times have changed over the years! Evelyn put on a brave (smiley) face and met the Easter Bunny this past week! She was even insistent about holding his hands too! So cute! Even though Evelyn is getting bigger, this bunny is still HUGE!

Things are going great for Evelyn! She is now in a full-size bed, which she sleeps in through the night...most nights (sometimes Mommy and Daddy wake up with an extra set of feeties in their bed!) We recently signed her up for Pre-K in the fall too! It's going to be a big adjustment for the pumpkin b/c not only will she be going to a real school...she will also attend a new daycare which is lcoated right in the convenient! It will be sad to see our time with Kathy (and Janice) come to an end as they have been with her since she was 6-weeks....but the pumpkin is growing up and from what I hear, the adjustment will actually be harder on us then her...we shall see!

We are looking forward to a fun Easter weekend with the family as everyone will gather at our house for food and fun! I know Evelyn will be excited to hunt for her basket, find eggs, and play with her cousins! I'm sure she will be begging all day for chocolate and treats!

Next weekend should be interesting as's Evelyn's first camping trip! We are headed down to a cabin in Allegany for the weekend with Jay's siblings and their kids! It should be a great weekend......just hoping for warmer weather!! This time last year we were already enjoying the tiki we are still wearing boots, scarves and winter coats! Time for the snow to stop and spring to bloom!!!

"Hoppy" Easter All!

Monday, February 11, 2013

And We're Bowling Baby!

On a recent (and rare) day that both Jay and I had off from work we decided to take Evelyn bowling for her very first time! She has bowled with me on the Wii at home and is quite good, but we thought we would take her out for an afternoon of quality family time (more like Mommy vs. Daddy....and you get your own lane pumpkin!)

It was a lot of fun, and Ev did pretty good...with the bumpers up of course!

Below are some pictures from our fun-filled afternoon! :)

 This looks like a good spot to sit! 

 Oh Mama, I'm just chillin' at the alley.... LOL 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

Clearly my post are few and far between....I have wrestled with the thought of deleting this blog altogether because the pure fact that if you Google my daughter's name, this blog and all her pics are as far as the eye can see. I also struggle with the thought of her teenage years and what if some 'bully' finds this blog and uses it as a way to make fun of her?...I wouldn't want to cause my daughter any unintentional harm or embarrassment. Well, the answer came to me recently. I am going to continue with this blog because it is for my daughter and not for some bully and/or a$$hole (sorry!) who may use it in an inappropriate manner (and let me just say...go ahead and let her Daddy find will have a whole new take on life after he gets done with you.) This, in all sense of the word, is her baby book...our way of letting her know who she was (and who we were) growing up. A high school friend of mine died..unexpectedly on January 1, 2012...he left behind a I randomly came across a blog he started for her...I didn't even know about it until today and I thought how (albeit heartbreaking) wonderful it will be for this little girl to grow up with those thoughts, posts and messages her Daddy wrote for her....and while of course I hope that Jay and I will see Evelyn long into her future...truth is, you just don't know what tomorrow holds. So Evelyn...this is for you! last post was in October...Hmmm....what's happened since then?!?! TONS!! We have welcomed two new babies into our 'group'... Juilanna Margaret and Brynn Marie have joined Evelyn in the ranks of "sisterhood" and we have two more on they way for 2013 (Can't wait for Baby A and Baby M! brothers or sisters on the horizon for Ms. Pumpkin though as of stop wondering!)

Evelyn and all of us had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Her appetite though is that of a bird! Seriously, kid....EAT! But, her favorite foods at this moment include mac and cheese (of course), green beans (score!), corn (no nutrition, but whatev's), frozen yogurt (thank you Go-Gurts!) and of course any candy or "special treat" she can get her hands on!!

Christmas this year was (as expected) even better then the last! Evelyn is totally into the idea of getting presents (duh), Santa Clause and feeding reindeer (thanks Nana!) She did 'ok' this year with the 'mall Clause' for her holiday tears but there was some hesitation! And then on Xmas Eve when Poppa dressed up as Santa (dear lord, don't  let her be able to read this while she still believes! nice job Mama! Always believe pumpkin...always!) ...anyway...when Santa came on Xmas Eve she wanted nothing to do with it! Evelyn is so loved by everyone...she got so many presents and we are very blessed to be able to give her such a wonderful holiday. What was the 'big' gift of the year?? Hmm...she is totally into Jake and Neverland Pirates right now so anything to do with them is a huge deal for her!! But, we did get her fish!! And....they died within two weeks! LOL (thank goodness it wasn't a puppy, right?!) We have since replaced "Stinky" and "Socky" (that's right Ev...that is what you named your first pets!)...and now we have Izzy and Jake..(see...told you... obsessed with the Pirate show as these are characters from it!)

Some other 'growth' remarks...Ev now weights 36lbs, which we know because we were recently at the doctors for a double ear infection....still haven't outgrown those Pumpkin!! She is tons of fun though at this age...especially for Jay...they 'horsey'...and she loves just being swung around in any direction! Still in daycare (which we call school) but hoping to hit pre-K in the fall this year! Evelyn knows all her numbers and ABC's...she can tell you her address and her birthday and is pretty spot on when picking out family members and friends in photos. We are working in Mommy's cell number along with letter recognition....oh, and spelling her name!

Below are some photos of the past few months!! I wont promise when my next blog will be because we (all what...3 of us that read this?!? LOL)...we know we don't know when it will be!!

I love you the mostest Ev! (our saying :) )